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Still She Rose Empowers at National Event

We welcome two empowering women to our upcoming national program in December 2023 as #StillSheRose workshop leaders for Teen and Miss Earth USA delegates.

Dr Kennedy Garcia is the founder of Spiritual Boss Chick. She developed a love for pageantry at 15yrs young and is a life long advocate of women & girls, devoted health & wellness ambassador and highly sought after interview & leadership coach. Dr Garcia has utilized pageants to transform lives everyday while wearing a crown both figuratively and literally as a seven time titleholder. Dr Garcia will be leading goal-setting workshops on Days 1 & 2.

Elizabeth J Cron is the founder of The Pageant Lab. Currently residing in Romania, Elizabeth has dedicated over two decades as a touring dancer and storyteller, performing in venues around the world such as EDC in Las Vegas and Escape Theme Park in Singapore. She is a two time international titleholder and hopes to use her experience in pageantry to promote strong female characters in film and even stronger businesswomen in the entertainment industry. Elizabeth will be leading stretch & mindset workshops on Days 3 & 4.

We thank these incredible role models and talented pageant industry leaders for joining us at the upcoming national activities!


Launched in May 2022 following the tragic death of Cheslie Kryst, Still She Rose is a wellness program for leaders, women and teens in the pageant industry. Funded by the B4ACUSA Foundation, Still She Rose program initiatives are open to all pageant community members and include wellness ambassadors from a variety of pageant organizations. ​The ROSE is symbolic of the spirit that grows within each of us when proper care and attention is applied. ​Together, we can encourage wellness through self care, positive body image, renewed self esteem and affirmation of one's identity beyond pageantry. We aim to engage in a conversation of support, honesty, reflection and awareness, in order to promote wellness as the foundation of the pageant industry. ​ Because each of us can say, She Struggled; and Still She Rose.

Visit @stillsheroseorg

With thanks to program leader Maggie Lemay and nonprofit director Ariel Sorensen

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