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Each year, B4AC USA state ambassadors are selected in various age demographics including women, teens and girls. 


Throughout the year, ambassadors are challenged with community impact projects and fund raising goals to support B4AC. They are invited to participate in exclusive mission trips and special campaigns. 

During the annual awards ceremonies held in January, National Ambassadors as well as Scholarship Recipients are announced. 

Click here to learn how you can become an ambassador or support our ambassadors!



Tayan 2022 headshot.jpg

Tayan Stansfield

Age 15


Info coming soon!

Danielle makeup.jpg

Danielle Mullins

Age 25


Danielle concentrates on a collaboration with Wands for Wildlife, repurposing used mascara wands and encouraging the cosmetic industry to be more environmentally friendly.

CFLAR Brielle by Reza.jpg

Brielle Simmons

Age 21

New York

Completing a degree in Legal Studies from St Johns University in New York City, Brielle founded Bringing Me Sunshine nonprofit organization. She concentrates on teaching positive lessons to children about social responsibility.

Christine Rich

Wife and Mother


A professor at Wilmington University, Christine leads the campus green team. She runs a TEDTalk for women’s entrepreneurship and in recent years was recipient of Delaware Business Times‘ 40 Under 40 honors.



Jade Baker Scholarship 2020.jpg

Jasmine Baker

Age 17


"This scholarship will exponentially help my term at Hawaii Pacific University. I'm so honored that my Share Your Colors Project got selected for a scholarship. It feels incredible to not only give back to my community but also to financially support my academic endeavors in Psychology and Environmental Studies!"

Danielle Alura Mignogna Scholarship 2020

Danielle Mignogna

Age 31


"My plan is to continue expanding No Excuse for Single Use by promoting the cause to hotel associations. Thank you for this scholarship and the opportunity that comes with this prestigious organization."

Eliana Groves Scholarship 2020.jpg

Eliana Groves

Age 16


"Thank you for awarding me this scholarship to help me learn more about the environment and be a stronger advocate for causes I am passionate about. I will be applying this scholarship to an educational program on marine life conservation. The program allows me to further my environmental knowledge and efforts by learning from organizations such as, SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, and Canica by giving me the opportunity to work with marine life and learn from conservation specialists."

Joey Warren Scholarship 2020.jpg

Joey Warren

Age 38


"The mission that pertains to environmental awareness is what drew me to take part in Beauties for a Cause. This scholarship and grant will help to fund Earth Day tree-planting collaboration with schools and my ongoing community cleanup efforts."

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