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2023 Mission Will Aid the Gulf Coast

During the year 2022, hurricanes again severely damaged the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially on the western shores of Florida.

According to Forbes, millions of Floridian residents have been affected, terrain damaged and marine life uprooted due to these natural disasters.

As Beauties for a Cause, our organization dedicates one domestic mission trip each year to aid in the most pressing environmental issues within our country. We have chosen to dedicate a trip in April 2023 to the Gulf Coast area of Florida, inviting our top fundraising ambassadors to dedicate their time surrounding Earth Day.

Earth Day volunteer work in the Gulf Coast Florida region will include tree plantings, clean ups, marine rehabilitation efforts and education on our world's climate crisis that has led to an overwhelming increase in the frequency and level of these ravaging storms.

Support your B4AC ambassador's goal to be part of this upcoming mission trip. Make a gift before December 31 and note your Ambassador's name to aid her annual campaign goals.

Contact us to get involved in Beauties for a Cause 2023 mission trip in Florida and other efforts throughout the year.

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