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Updated: May 21, 2021

The B4AC USA nonprofit organization invites you to meet our newest leadership!

Nonprofit Director Brittany Ann Payne. Brittany has served as a Founder and Secretary of the organization since its inception. She is currently a resident of Hawaii, where she is involved in environmental protection and water conservation efforts in her community. Brittany has enjoyed mission work in the Philippines, Austria, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Puerto Rico and her home state of California.

Grant Coordinator Keyace Sims. Keyace holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Florida International University. She is an accomplished member of the US Air Force, currently working as a Financial Management Journeyman.

Our Mission. The charitable goal of B4AC USA is to provide a platform for women and girls to impact the environment in their communities. Beauties for a Cause holds mission trips each year for large and small groups, including upcoming service work in California to aid in beach and water conservation, wildfire restoration and education. In 2020, the organization served the islands of Puerto Rico to rebuild after two devastating hurricanes. Furthermore, B4AC awards multiple scholarships each year to female ambassadors. View our blog to meet recent scholarship recipients.

Get Involved. Application has now opened to award 2021 state ambassadorships around the United States! Ambassadors are invited to serve their communities as Beauties for a Cause. Learn more by contacting

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