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Serving Puerto Rico

In Fall 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by two catastrophic hurricanes separated by only a matter of a few weeks. As a result, the islands were left without power, water, jobs, and the terrain loved by millions of tourists was destroyed.

In 2018-2019, Beauty Beyond Borders answered the call to volunteer for rehabilitation of these beautiful islands. After raising necessary dollars to accommodate travel, lodging and activities, ten female volunteers made the journey to San Juan to serve the islands for one week in January 2019.

During the short opportunity to visit Puerto Rico, the volunteers removed brush and litter from the North Ecological Corridor, conducted a beach cleanup in Culebra, and volunteered for the National Park Service in El Yunque Rainforest. The ladies made time to tour historic sites like Old San Juan and experience the culture and cuisine of this unique Caribbean territory.

“I woke up in the beautiful historic city - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I will spend the week with other like-minded woman who are passionate about serving with a purpose! We will spend time cleaning up the coast, helping those affected by the devastating hurricane, and learn how to help the Puerto Rico eco system thrive.” - Amanda Sowards

“Today has been so rewarding. We helped clear pathways to the Seven Seas Hidden Beach, so first responders could easily access the beach in case of emergencies. I got to use a HUGE machete, which made me feel like Indiana Jones—so cool! However, seeing all of the devastation from Hurricane Maria was heartbreaking. It was very humbling and made giving back even more meaningful.” - Madison McGee

Beauty Beyond Borders is grateful to all the contributors during the 2018 giving campaign and sends special thanks to corporate partner Garbo Grabber for providing easy clean up tools for the Puerto Rico mission and other projects.

The organization plans to return again in early 2020 for additional service work in Puerto Rico. Contact us to get involved!

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