Your Most Extensive Environmental Calendar

Updated: May 21

By Ambassador Amanda Sowards, South Carolina

We all know about the annual Earth Day celebration held each year on April 22, but what about the rest of your summer? There are multiple opportunities to raise awareness for environmental and global causes important to you. Enjoy this calendar of environmental holidays and events coming up May through August 2020!

Month of May

Bike Month

Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month

National Water Quality Month

American Wetlands Month

Preservation Month

Clean Air Month

Gifts From The Garden Month

Gardening for Wildlife

May 1

Global Love Day

International Workers Day

Space Day

Lei Day

May 2

Wildfire Community Preparedness

Join Hands Day

Naked Gardening Day

May 3

Garden Meditation Day

May 4

World Give Day

Firefighters Day

May 5

Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8

Iris Day

Public Gardens Day

Free Trade Day (1)

May 9

Train Day

Windmill Day

Fair Trade Day (2)

May 10

Mother Ocean Day

May 13

Donate a Days Wage to Charity

May 15

Endangered Species Day

Bike to Work Day

Bring Flowers to Someone Day

May 16

International Day of Ligh

Plant a Lemon Tree Day

Horse Rescue Day

World Fish Migration Day

Learn to Swim Day

May 18

Museum Day

May 20

World Bee Day

Pick Strawberries Day

May 22

International Day of Biological Diversity

Maritime Day

May 23

Turtle Day

May 29

Learn About Composting Day

May 30

Water a Flower Day

Month of June

Oceans Month

Perennial Gardening Month

Rivers Month

Rose Month

Camping Month

Great Outdoors Month

Zoo and Aquarium Month

World Naked Bike Ride Month

June 1

Reef Awareness Day

June 3

Bicycle Day

June 5

World Environment Day

Running Day

Veggie Burger Day

June 6

Trails Day