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Prize Partnerships are in association with the Miss Earth USA program.


Prize contribution will aid the organization's travel expenses required to send the national winners to their international contests. A Prize Partner will receive a "thank you" shout out by the organization as well as a photo and video made by the titleholder(s). Prize partners may provide an additional prize such as a gift sent to the national pageant or directly to the titleholder. Common prizes include skincare, jewelry, apparel, and more.


This upgraded partnership includes full page program book advertisement ($250 value), mention on the website prize page, mention via social media and one (1) copy of the program book ($20 value). To reduce support by $50, please choose the standard prize partner with a half page program book ad. This partnership level does not include show tickets. 


All gifts are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Prize Partner - Upgrade



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